Feb 4, 2012

she's a total disaster

I'm sure my kids have been watching entirely too much Arthur on pbs.
Ingrid ran up to me, all sorts of excited and said.
"What if I met Muffy in real life??!!"
she continued
"Muffy, she's a total disaster, but she's RICH!!"
ha, kids are funny.

so, we've been trying to find a new couch for our front room.  we are currently sitting on a couch that was donated to us when an elderly gentleman moved into a retirement home.  The couch is a 3-seater from the 70's and if you try to squish 5 people onto it (which we try a lot!) there's a bar under the cushions between the seats and it's extra super uncomfy!
so, we're trying to find a new couch with these characteristics.

1. comfortable and good looking (aka retro modern)
2. grey leather
3. narrow, like less than 35" deep.
4. in our price range
this is proving to be difficult.
This one in putty is my dream sofa, but it's $4000 :(
I love this one in pewter, but it's too expensive
I love this one in taupe, is our ideal price range, but it's a smidge on the brown side (waiting on the swatch)
I love this one, but I'd like to find one cheaper (got the swatch from West Elm and it's gorgeous!)

This is Sofia with her first bite of sweet pickle.  yeah, that was super disgusting, right, sof??

Hope your weekend is amazing! we are cleaning house, over here, and trying to get rid of our head colds. fun stuff.

life rearranged


  1. D.W. is bossy. Buster is sloppy and a little lazy, but I like him. Francine is o.k. for a tomboy. The Brain is arrogant. Arthur is pretty cool and well rounded. The Tibble twins are both a pain in the butt. Emily is o.k. but her chin is a little big. I don't think I would like Mr. Ratburn as a teacher. Fern is a little annoying. Binky is kindof a bully but tenderhearted. Kate is cute. Arthur's dog Pal is cute but I hate that he has a British accent. I could go on and on. Don't even get me started on Caillou. That cartoon has issues. Like, why do they wear the same clothes all the time? And why is their house all decorated with hearts everywhere?

  2. Good luck on your couch hunt!

    Your kids are soooooo pretty and cute and precious. :)

    I hope you all feel better soon!!

  3. Good luck finding a couch - one with a bar down the middle would drive me nuts! Seriously, who would invent that thinking it was a good idea!?

  4. very cute



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