Feb 20, 2012

hooray, hooray

I thought, in honor of President's Day,  I might feature a song from The Presidents of the United States of America (remember them??) but, i'm 100% sure no one wants any songs about millions of peaches stuck in their head...instead, i'll share the 2 songs that really have been stuck in my head all week.

I've been kinda obsessed with these two songs this week.  These ladies have such beautiful voices.  I love both of these songs partly because of the range of voice the singers have to have in order to sing them.  They both go real high, and quite low.

First off, it's Taylor Swift's new song, with The Civil Wars.  I love that it's not too country, because I'm not a huge country fan.  This song is eerily beautiful, and so is the video.

Next, Jenny Lewis' beautiful voice.  She was the lead sing of Rilo Kiley.  She is so talented! It's so pretty, I don't think I could ever hit the high notes at the end of this song.  I've tried, in the shower.

(for the official video, click HERE)
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  1. HAHA Peaches! Yes! :) And...now the song is stuck in my head and you didn't even play it!

    Taylor Swift is sooo beautiful.

    1. i am not proud to admit that the presidents of the united states of america may have been one of the first cds i ever bought in middle school, i'd crank it up while practicing shaving my legs, haha! tmi??

  2. I love that song too...The Civil Wars are amazing and I agree, this song is hauntingly beautiful. Jenny Lewis has a beautiful voice! I love finding new music like this..thanks for sharing.

  3. love that Hunger Games song so much! it's such a good collaboration!


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