Feb 13, 2012

i heart monogamy

First of all, denim vest, really? yuck.
Second of all, why did he have to sing so pretty and falsetto...'cause i really hate the lyrics.

I mean, really...who wants to hear words like
"you're a pretty little flower
but I'm a busy little bee...."
& "monogamy is not a part of me"

Personally, I think monogamy is hot.
Nothing is better than knowing that someone loves you, and your children, with all their heart.
That that person will always be there for you.
To hold you, wrap their arms around you.
Someone to joke with, grow old with.
It's really, truly amazing when you find it.
There's nothing hotter than a husband who is a good father to your children.
Nothing hotter than a husband who comes home after a long day & spends time with the family.
There's nothing hotter than a husband who teaches your kids how to ride their bikes.
There's nothing hotter than a husband who puts his wifey on a pedestal and treats his girl like she's the apple of his eye.
I am so blessed to have a husband so committed and loving.

So, contrast the lyrics of that new All-American Rejects song (beekeeper's daughter)
to the lyrics of Brandon Flowers song "Hard Enough"
it's a sweet song he wrote about his wife and how hard it is on them when he has to go on tour.
how grateful he is that he has her.
that his life is complete only with her in his arms.
that he is sorry for the mistakes he made that caused her pain.
Now, these, my friends, are good lyrics
Reminds me of my husband, if he were poetic, I'm sure these are the thoughts he'd express to me :) listen to it, it's beautiful!!

You let me into your life on a whim
and there was magic and fire in the night
In loving I was just a little boy
I made mistakes that caused you so much pain
All I know is that I'm older now

Some people think that it's best to refrain
From the conventions of old fashioned love
Their hearts are filled with holes and emptiness
They tell themselves that they're too young to settle down
Girl, I promise you, I'm older now

Can't stand the thought of another
Talking to you sweet, my dear
Where would I be tonight
If you hadn't held me here, in your arms?

That concludes my essay on why monogamy is hot.
I'd love to hear your thoughts.
Also, you can link up your favorite song below.
Happy Music Monday :)

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  1. AMEN!!!! I, too, love monogamy! (It could be because i have never ever worried about anything else.) Hubbys that value their wives, and their wives feelings are the hottest!

  2. New fan here! Love your blog!

    Monogamy ALL the way!! It's such a beautiful thing.

  3. this is just so lovely!! and it's true, monogamy is important for BOTH people, not just the wife. for the husband to, to know he is cherished so deeply by his wife and children, that his efforts and hard work and support is appreciated to no end. it's really the truest commitment you could offer to someone: your whole heart.
    you'd love love love 'I Missed You' by Joshua Radin.


  4. You are so right!! There is nothing hotter than those things. :)


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