Aug 22, 2012

Back to School

Oh my freakin goodness.
I can't believe Swede is old enough to be in 3rd grade.

Ingrid and Swede headed back to school yesterday.
The girls of course are all excited about their new clothes...
But, I'm not too excited about the fight to wake them up and make them do their homework.

Sofia who is stuck here at home with mom until preschool starts next month
came up to me literally 5 times before noon and asked if it was time to pick up the girls from school...
"time to get mah sistahs at da school?"
 These little cuties will be missed!


  1. Ingrid loves her sister. They both look darling!

  2. Adorable!!! Love their knee socks.

  3. Lovin' their socks!


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