Dec 13, 2012

Making our Mark on 12-12-12

Ya know how it is sometimes ya just want to make your mark on these historical dates somehow.
Like get married that day.
Or have a baby right as the clock strikes 12:12.
I mean, it won't happen again for 100 years right?
So, we just had to make our mark on 12-12-12
 Sofia bumped her head at grandma's house and got a nice, big, gaping wound out of it.
 She felt a lot better after some lidocaine and a nurse gave her some stickers. score!
 During the stitching up process, she konked out... softly snoring while the Dr. did her handy work.
The stitched are right on the eyebrow and with any lucky won't be too noticeable in the future.

The Dr. and nurse were very impressed with Sofia.  The Dr. had previously worked in New York, and said she had to stitch up some pretty tough guys in the past, but they always turned into blubbering fools when it came to getting the numbing shots.  But, not Sofia, she's a pro when it comes to dealing with pain.  She's the one who stepped on a screw and smiled while getting her tetanus shot.  She has taught her wussy older sisters a thing or two about getting a flu shot whilst still maintaining your dignity, and dry eyes.  She's amazing like a chumbawumba song.  She'll get knocked down, but she'll get up again. You're never gonna keep her down.

We all felt so bad for her we spoiled her and gave her a few Christmas presents early.
Poor girl.
She's feeling a lot better though now, but her eye is starting to swell shut and it's turning purple.
Oh well, it was worth it for the new Webkinz.
And to be able to say that she got 12 stitches on 12-12-12.
She made her mark.


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