Jan 7, 2013

A Killer weekend in Vegas

I think 2012 pretty much rocked.
And the very end of 2012 was no different.
Jeremy and I went to Vegas for the weekend between Christmas and New Years.
(which also happened to be our 11th wedding anniversary! eeee!)
We had plans to see The Killers on Saturday but we ended up seeing them on Friday AND Saturday,
which was AMAZING!  I even got to meet Ronnie Vannucci on Friday night (eeee!)
Seeing my favorite band with my favorite person in the whole wide world couldn't get any better!
We were able to get right up in the front for both concerts and the second go around we brought the good camera, which also takes amazing video.  So now I'll forever remember our amazing fun time on our weekend getaway to Vegas.
There are so many fun memories from this weekend most of which i cannot post about...what happens in vegas, stays in vegas!
Driving 8 hours to Vegas isn't so bad when you have a hottie like this at the wheel!


  1. sounds awesome! would love to see the killers and be that close up.

    1. yes, it's seriously amazing! I would highly recommend it:)


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