Jun 28, 2011

jade is the new black

My mom called me up saturday morning and asked me if i wanted to go with her to get a pedicure....i've never actually had a "real" pedicure before...just the beauty school version.  so, this was a fun first.
first to pick a color:
Umm, yeah there were a few to choose from.
I felt like i stepped right into the nail place from King of Queens {anyone know what I'm sayin?} they were all asian and they liked to speak to eachother in their native tongue...
they had really nice massage chairs with attached foot baths.  This is my mom :)

and here are my feet, tan lines and all.  this nail guy kept making jokes but we only understood about half of what he said.  I did hear "this a sexy color" hahaha
the finished product.
my color of choice: "jade is the new black" sort of a chalkboard green with "catch me in your net" a sparkly teal on top...a very mermaid-ish color ;)
ma's color of choice: this purple that goes by the name of "polish" woah, creative name :)

fun times :)

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