Jun 29, 2011

what i wore wednesday (er, all week)

I got a new dress and i've literally been wearing it all week.
my husband thinks it's not very stylish,  but i love it.
i'm wondering if i belong on an episode of "what not to wear" or if this is hot...
i think it's cute, and i can wear it with so many different colors of shirts :)
Friday i wore it with turquoise under..
saturday with green...

Sunday I wore it to church with blue

Monday with red:

this is me, tuesday rockin' it hippy-style with some of my daughters (and the other daughter behind the lens :)  we are chillin' at our hotel up by park city, boo yeah!

I love the hemline...it's a maxi skirt with the front hem higher than the back :) 
so, my hubby is on the fence about it, what do you think?
I am linking up with Lindsay at the pleated poppy, kablam-o!

dress: TJMAXX
shoes: KOHLS
shirts: DOWNEAST


  1. I love it! So versatile, and I think it's very in-style :)

  2. your so cute! i love the dress and love that you wore it all week! awesome! Lol

    U still in PC? I will be there fri and sat this weekend!

  3. I think it looks great, and the maxi dress is in! You rock it! Enjoy!

  4. I think it's an adorable dress! I would totally rock it! :-)

  5. Love the maxi and the hemline! Its super cute! I don't live too far from park city but I only seem to make it there once a year. I need to go shopping at the outlets!!!

  6. I love it! Very stylish. Maxi's are all the rage. Men just do not understand fashion. ;-)

  7. I always joke that if my hubby dislikes it then it must be in style, lol! He always says "Don't ask me, I don't know!"

    I think it's cute and you look adorable in it (and your girls are darling too!).

  8. Super cute! I like it the best with the blue shirt.


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