Jun 27, 2011

Oops, I'm a dork...what's new?

So, for some reason I tend to doubt my husband....
ie: he says there are a lot of mosquitoes out and he's getting eaten alive..
yeah, right.
I haven't seen any skeeters, and i haven't had any bites!
He runs inside, getting attacked,. apparently...
Afterward, he shows me all his new mosquitoes bites,
ok, now i believe him!

well, he's he went a few weeks ago to a opthamologist {or optometrist, what's the difference?} and he had a hard time getting fitted for contact lenses in his left eye.  His right eye was fine, left eye astigmatism or something...
well, the dr. gave him a lens to try but it didn't seem to fit right.  and then it went missing.  Jeremy thought that maybe it had gone behind his eye ball and was kind of worried...i insisted it had fallen out after all that rubbing he was doing to it.

so, he went back to the dr. to try a different lens.  once again it was ill-fitting and uncomfortable.  once again he lost this one.  I keep thinking, how does he not notice when these contacts drop out of his eyes?! so, he goes back into the dr. and comments to the guy that he's afraid the contacts might be behind his eyeball...no comment from the dr.  i'm sorta thinking the doctor might think jeremy's crazy :)

so, he has a third lens to try...he puts it in and it automatically starts drifting toward the upper white part of his eye.  I'm assisting him in locating his contact that's drifting and OH EM GEE what the heck? he pulls out three contacts!  I'm in shock! seriously shocked!  he had those two extra contacts floating around back there for WEEKS!  That could be a health hazard, don'tcha think?! {especially because he's an artist!he needs eyeballs that work!}
He threw away all 3 contacts in disgust!
He's going to get glasses.
I'm a dork.

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