Jul 14, 2011

the big question

so, my 5 year old asked the big question..no, not "where do babies come from" she asked me if she could get her ears pierced. so, on the fourth of july, after the parades and fun, we headed to the mall.
nervous? nah! I'm not nervous :/

bam. did that hurt?

So, clean 'em three times a day, keep 'em in for 6 weeks, then you can change them out ...perfect! see ya!

oh wait! what if 6 days later one falls out while you're swimming and you can't find it? (hypothetically speaking of course)

OK, so this really happened to us....after we had been out of the pool for about an hour Ingrid says "ahh! I lost my earring" and that's all it takes to put a carload of little girls into hysterics.

We were not far from Claire's at the time so we stopped by to see what they'd say

ME: My daughter just got her ears pierced, and she lost her earring while swimming.  What can we do?
CLAIRES LADY: We'll have to wait a few more days for it to heal and then we can re-shoot it.
ME: It's only been about an hour since she lost it
CLAIRES: do you have the earring?
ME: NO, she lost it in the pool
CLAIRES: well,  it's already grown in, anyway, I can tell just by looking at it
ME: really?!
CLAIRES: yep, come back Monday and I can re-shoot it, but it'll cost $14, but if you bring in your receipt you won't have to by the cleanser with it, too, which will save you $8
ME: (leaving in disgust)
so, we ran home, cleaned her ear, found an earring that looked like the same shiny silver of the first (titanium I think) and stuck it in.
YES,  it just went right in!
 so, she has a little blue earring in her right ear now, and the white diamond stud in the left ear.
come to find out, her little cheeks are so cute and chubby that when she smiles  we can't even see both her ears at the same time anyway ;) 

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