Jul 8, 2011

vrbo love

ready for a road trip? heck to the yeah, as long as lion king is on pandora
my husband is an artist  {see his work here } so, fortunately, we sometimes get to travel to different art shows and locations where he needs to get photos for his projects.
like last week, we traveled 2 hours to a wonderful little town just outside of Park City, Utah.
But, the reason for this post is to 
share my love for vrbo.com 
I LALALALOVE It :)  if you haven't checked it out, you MUST! vrbo=vacation rentals by owner.  we've used this many times and it's awesome for people traveling on a budget.
We got our room for $80! we would have stayed an extra night but the weather wasn't cooperating.
The place we stayed was awesome, rad, "baller" as the cool kids say- so i though i'd share :)
their were two pools, and two hot tubs with a little tunnel connecting the two pools (sha-bam!)
wrinkly fingers, hot tub heaven, and my fam in their suits (gah!)
The place we stayed is called The Zermatt and the rooms usually start at $150, but their are a bunch of privately owned rooms that people rent out when they're not using them. another fun thing at zermatt was the mini golf:
that's sofia on the far left SO proud because she sunk the ball (after 18 tries :)  Don'tcha just love it when your hubby teaches your kids stuff? how cute is that- those two swingin' together :)
the hotel had a place to feed the goats, no swiss-themed hotel is complete without a goat pen, right?
Goats really love to nibble
oh, and a carousel, of course:
so, $80 as opposed to $150 or more, Sha-weet!
vrbo.com is also great for family reunions...we've stayed in really nice condos with 20+ people for about $100 per family...(the condos were around $399/night plus cleaning fees) so fun for family get-togethers :)  or vacays w/friends {if you have friends you could stand to vacation with} It's fun to browse thru vrbo.com and daydream about a trip to the oregon coast or hawaii...and to find things you can actually afford... happy browsing!
life rearranged
linking up with jeannettg for instafriday....it's probably pretty obvious all my pics were taken on my cell phone ;)


  1. Looks like so much fun! Happy InstaFriday!

  2. That looks like a great time!


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