Jul 29, 2011

Insta what? Instafriday!

so, here are my beautiful cell phone pic shots of the week!

irish dancers before:

irish dancers after:

parade time! 
these girls represent my hometown #represent!
don't they look cute all walkin' down the street in formation with their pony wigs on?? :)

trying to learn how to ride a bike

we're still in the trying to learn stage

My daughter Swede turned 7 this week!  
opening presents 

I think she's pretty thrilled about these shoes

Swede decided she wanted a smurfday party, so she dyed her hair blue, and made a custom smurfette t-shirt

happy smurfday, Swede!

cell phone pics were limited... more Smurfday photos coming soon!!!
feel free to join me with google friend connect
I promise i won't be too annoying, ha!
happy instafriday!
life rearranged

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