Oct 7, 2011

enjoying a lazy day

over the weekend we were puppy-sitting my niece's little pup
isn't she super adorable?!
so we stayed outside most of the weekend 
because she isn't potty trained (is that what you call it if it's a dog??)
and we stayed in our jamjams and played with the doggy all day
this photo is particularly sweet because Swede didn't dare come close to Harli at the beginning of the weekend, and she finally started to warm up to her by Sunday night
and Sofia's always been obsessed with puppies
before she could even talk she loved puppies
so, it was just a matter of making sure puppy was safe from 3 year old 


this pics are particularly sweet to me because the very next morning i fell in aerobics class (again) and twisted my ankle (again) and couldn't play "fly like superman" for a while. and the weather was so perfect that day! and it has been very cold since then...here's hoping for a warmish autumn!  What has your weather been like?  soak the sun in for me if you have any, k? xo- Danielle 

Aisle to Aloha


  1. Oh! That third pictured made me sigh with happiness. (Really and truly.)
    It's beautiful.

    The pictures of "fly like superman" game play made me smile. =)

  2. P.S. I hope your ankle heals soon!

  3. Love your blog. Your little family is adorable! The weather is nice in San Diego, I wish it was cooler though. I'm looking forward to the fall and drinking hot chocolate and snuggeling with my hubby.



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