Oct 25, 2011

I'm Nesting

I'm not pregnant! but I am nesting!
I've had such an urge to get organized lately!
I guess it's not hard to understand when you see this:
 yep, this was calling to me saying "clean me up!".  this changing table has been used as a book shelf for the last 6 years and, frankly, it wasn't strong enough to hold all these books!  I found this fun storage idea on pinterest and went to an antique store looking for wooden crates for cheap:

well, we found some cool wooden crates but they were $15-$20 each (and $11 at Joann's) I figured by the time I got enough crates it'd be about $100.  and then i spotted it!  a wonderful oak desk, with attached shelves above for storage.  it looked like it would have enough room to hold all of our kids books and the price tag was.....$60 SO excited! 
the girls are just lovin this new desk.  I don't know what it is, but for some reason i always dreamed about having a desk in my bedroom when i was a kid...is that just me??

Also, I've organized all my girls' tights (finally!)

we have SO MANY tights...but, i must say, they are mostly hand-me-downs.  i've only bought about 5 pairs of tights as a momma of 3 girls, but we have about 80 pairs as you can see.  I hung this handy shoe-holding device up in their bathroom and now they can see and find their tights a lot easier
ya know the saying "a place for everything, and every thing in it's place" well, that doesn't work unless you have a "place", right?!  I didn't get a "before" shot but this shoe closet was just a big, jumbled MESS
I originally had a shoe rack in our closet and all the rest of the shoes just piled up next to it

I bought these bins for each of the kids for like $2.99 they got to write their names on them

i bought this for my shoes, and i put my most often worn shoes on our ikea shoe rack
I don't know what got me so obsessed with getting organized...i even cleaned out our pantry..i guess it was all out of necessity, too much clutter driving me crazy!  have you done any organizing lately? what are your best organizing ideas? i'd love to hear from you :)
xo- Danielle


  1. I love to organize :) Your idea for tights is perfect!

  2. That's a lot of tights. You're welcome.
    From Mendy


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