Oct 14, 2011

sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy

we had a lot of rainy days with no sunshine last week and by a lot i mean like 5, but it felt like a month!  

i told jeremy i don't mind the rain, i'd just like it to be rainy above us and sunny in the western sky so that it lights up the whole valley....yeah, not too much to ask, right?  
Rain and sunshine at the same time is one of my very favorite things!
well, low and behold a few days later, while walking in the walmart parking lot the rain was pouring and the sky opened up in the west & we were blessed to have the whole place lit up. 

so beautiful! 

Lindsay (from aisle to aloha) told me they call it "liquid sunshine" in Hawaii....that's a perfect name!  It is like walking through wet sunlight. gah! i love it!

picture me walking thru the parking lot pushing Sofia in the cart whilst exclaiming "this is so beautiful! this is SOOOO beautiful!!" yeah, umm, got a few weird looks!

also, i didn't get a good picture :(
it's really much prettier in real life, and i took the pic about 2 minutes too late
and this happened:

at a restaurant we frequent (and by frequent i mean, it's like Norm going into Cheers when we walk in there) we had a pizza-sized cookie.  It's hard to tell from the pic but this thing had 6 large scoops of ice cream on top, and drizzled with chocolate and caramel.  the cookie is so hot and the ice cream melts allover it...it's the bees knees!  i'm drooling now just reminiscing of yesterday, thinking i may have to go back soon...it today tooo soon?

and i heard about this cool way to do hair from leonora at yellow heart art...she tweeted about this tutorial.. so I gave it a whirl, what could be more fun than a hair bow made of hair, right? :)
mine turned out a lot messier than the original, and my bobby pins won't stay in, and i think i need to put it higher on my head next time, but other than that, i love it...it's simple and cute.
added the mustache to distract from how crooked my bangs are in this photo! :/
well, i'm off to trim my bangs and sew... watch for some new headbands coming to my etsy shop later today!  a sneak peek:

oh, and aren't the children supes adorbs?!
hope your day is full of little things that make it great!!
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  1. Your girls are so cute. Have a great weekend!

  2. What cute kids in cute headbands!!!! I think I like the hair bow hair!!!

    Happy Friday

  3. i wish me hair was long enough for a hair bow!!

  4. I really like that first picture!

    And your girls...with their headbands...so cute!

  5. Cookies and ice cream. I can't think of anything better! Your hairbow turned out so cute!! I need to get better at mine.

  6. This is great!!! I love your store and blog :)

  7. found you at Lindsay's link up :)
    your girls are adorable and so are their little headbands!
    and that hair bow looks so cute on you.. I don't think I can pull it off so I'll just watch as you rock that look! :)


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