Nov 18, 2011

instafriday in zions national park

We took a week-long trip to southern utah and I want to share with you my cell phone pics and link up with life rearranged for instafriday
life rearranged
we were a bit nervous the first day when we drove through snow storms and found this: we were hoping for warm, good picture-taking weather!
luckily, it the skies cleared up, but it was still chilly!
I never knew you could find such wildlife in zions park!
and, then there's a real dear we found in springdale
jeremy took a ton (like 4000!) pictures with his good camera, these are just the ones from my cell phone

one day, while the boys were photographing, we took a girl's day and just went shopping in st. george.  Here, the girls are showing off their new color-changing nail polish, aren't they cute?
there were three in a bed, and the little one said "roll over, roll  over"
I'm so glad all three of my kiddos can fit in one bed! we stayed in Salt Lake the last night of our trip so that we could enjoy the pool at the Little America Hotel :)
I don't know what i'll do when we try to stay in a hotel when all the kids are older!
Happy (insta) Friday!


  1. Stopping by from your header!! Looks like a fun trip!

  2. I love St. George! Can't wait to go down in December.

  3. Your family is so cute (: Glad I found your blog!


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