Nov 6, 2011

Music Mondays crossfire

so, i've got Brandon Flowers lead singer from The Killer's on the blog today for Music Mondays...he's pretty easy on the eyes :)

My husband thinks it's pretty hilarious that i didn't give much thought to The Killer's when this picture would pop up on Pandora
and that i was in love strong like with The Killers when I found out that this is their lead singer:
ok, so Brandon Flowers is like candy for my what, right?don't you have any celebrity crushes?

this song Crossfire features Charlize Theron rescuing Brandon Flowers over and husband feels it is somewhat emasculating for Mr. Flowers to be saved by a girl....i think, hey, it makes for a beautiful video. enjoy! oh, and I almost forgot to mention....the music is amazing!! :)

join in the conversation...does it make a difference to you what the singer in a band looks like? what music are you listening to?  let me know what your favorite songs are and maybe i'll feature your favorite next week!  or, grab the Music Monday button on the sidebar if you want to feature your favorite band on your blog! xo-Danielle


  1. hey girl i just found your blog through a friend saying she is linking up to music monday. I would love to do it a link up?? I dont see one... or do we just do a post on our page and grab your button? ha sorry
    email me if you would like

  2. I don't have an official linky thingy up yet, so to participate it'd be awesome if you just grabbed the button from the sidebar here, & left a comment with your link on there for now. I will add linky tools next time! Can't wait to hear what you're listening to! :)

  3. i LOVE the killers and brandon flowers... yes please! thank you!

  4. I just found your blog the other day, and i'm linking up for Music Mondays :) Probably every week.

    and on another note- RADIOHEAD JUST ANNOUNCED A U.S. TOUR FOR NEXT SPRING!! just sayin' :)

  5. I don't think looks are important as long as the voice is hot. However, when they are easy on the eyes it is a nice bonus. My current celebrity crush is Charlie Hunnam.

    Music wise my music crush is Tony Lucca. Forever & Always.

  6. Um, yeah, so you are my favorite now - lol! Anyone that understands and loves the beauty that is Brandon Flowers is my best friend! Lol!


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