Nov 15, 2011


it's sad when you come home from a vacation and you realize your pajamas are super tight and leave you writhing in pain from elasticus too tighticus.
in other words, my vacay made me chubby.
we took a week from the icy-cold northern utah to the slightly warmer southern utah- this is what we were leaving as we headed south
and this is where we ended up:

not only were we on vacation, we were on vacation from sensible eating
I guess because a client of Jeremy's let us stay in his awesome house and we didn't have to spend money on a hotel we thought we could spend a little extra on food....we ate at restaurants 9 times in 7 days! and when we weren't eating out, we had real genius ideas like ice cream for breakfast

so, it's back to reality now...
jeremy and i have set a goal that we won't eat anymore desserts until thanksgiving.
thanksgiving has never felt so far away :(

here's a look at the beautiful home we were so blessed to stay in:
someday i will have a kitchen this spacious...6 stools comfortably fitting around the bar...uh, yeah, I could get used to that
to the left is one of the paintings my husband painted for this client.  you can see it better here
my kids spent all their free time playing the clavinova...oh, and my father in law, too
 the patio wrapped around to where you could see the private runway
it was a thrill for the kids to see the private planes taking off, oh, and a thrill for me, too ;)
see, she's very excited about the planes!

and now..... we're back...determined to eat chewing gum for dessert...or diet dr. pepper (which i may or may not have had 5 of yesterday) 

this is what northern utah looked like when we got back
my daughter swede is on the right with her cousins. she's modeling for us.  sell that leafy snowball, swede, sell it!
spring never felt so far away

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  1. Looks like a fun staycation. :) And wow. I went and looked at Jeremy's portfolio. It is awesome. Do you have any of his work hanging in your house?


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