Nov 21, 2011

Music Mondays- Boots: The Killers

I can't believe it's Thanksgiving this week!  I have for you today a great holiday song not only for Christmas but also for Thanksgiving!  The Killers have been putting out a new holiday song every year (since like 2007, i think).. and this one is their best, in my opinion.  It was released last year around this time and it is perfect for this time of year.
Ya know how some songs you have to listen to a few times before you like em? This is one of those songs that you only have to hear once in order to love it.

But, anyway, about was directed by Jared Hess, the director of Napoleon Dynamite, and it features Super Bad Brad Prowly, who is actually a real New York street performer.  It begins with a scene from It's a Wonderful Life, Jimmy Stewart on his knees with a softened heart turning to the Lord during his times of trouble.
I really love the lyrics of this song, it's really about trying to make it through difficult times...I want to highlight a few of my favorite lines for you to listen for;

No more troubles,
In this town.
Silent night, for a change.

Brand new year,
Coming up ahead.
You know its been so long,
Since I rang one in

I close my eyes,
Think about the path I took.
Just when I think these times,
Have gotten the best of me.

Do you hear my voice?
Do you know my name?
Light my way,
Lift my head.
Light my way,

Families are together.
Presents piled high.
Frost on all the windows,
What a wonderful night.

So happy they found me,
Loved ones all around me.
Stomp my boots before I go back in

That part "Do you hear my voice? Do you know my name? Light my way, Lift my head. Light my way," gets me every time....and every time is pretty often, because this song is on repeat in my car, and my computer ;)

I heard from a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend of Ronnie's (the killer's drummer) that, even though the band is on a break, they are going to keep up tradition and release a new holiday song this year, too! Won't that be awesome?!!  In fact, I heard that they are filming their video in Las Vegas today! I almost had my hubby convinced to drive the 8 hours and go see, but....ya know, being a responsible adult trumped those ideas, darn it. 
well, I hope you enjoy the song! it's my newest favorite for the season! let me know your favorites!

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  1. I love Music Mondays! I'm posting mine from last week, since this is my first time linking up... I'm sick this week so couldn't record anything new. :-( Oh well, have a great week!

  2. i didn't know the killers released a holiday song every year - i really love a couple of their singles. makes me think back to fun times in chicago with girlfriends!

    happy week!

  3. oops - meant to put "happy thanksgiving week" but happy week as well anyways ;) love ya!

  4. I LOVE music Mondays!

  5. oh wow!! i do love the killers but didn't realized they had holiday songs! thanks for sharing!! :)

  6. My hubby and I LOVE the Killers and especially this song and video! I have a little celebrity crush on Brandon Flowers! Lol! P.S. I found your blog through Danielle's Take Heart blog!


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