Nov 1, 2011

good bye october

Hope your October was amazing! I can't believe it's already November! 
we had a fun halloween this year Sofia was a lion

Ingrid has been a giraffe 2 years in a row.  she's a bit obsessed with giraffes
Swede was scary as all get out as a crazy cat ladyI didn't mean to make her look SO crazy but, it is halloween, so we went with it ;)
all excited for trick or treating....or possibly getting really drowsy in Sofia's case

every year our neighboring town has a Pumpkin Walk.  The citizens all make up different elaborate scenes all made with pumpkins,  here we have, of course, ANGRY BIRDS


MISS SPIDER and her friends...i haven't actually read it, but my niece informed me it's a great book

here are my little girlies with my niece Meg

BAMBI, FLOWER, THUMPER aren't they adorable?!

Ingrid used to have an infatuation with GILLIGAN'S ISLAND so, we loved this one!



A ZOO and, yeah my kids are obsessed with most every zoo animal so, this was probably their fave


A CHRISTMAS STORY had 3 different scenes..the leg lamp was made of some sort of squash, haha- and the hair poking up on top of his head was the stem of the pumpkin

hope your october was as super awesome as ours was ;)  do you have any fun october traditions?? xo-Danielle 


  1. I love your blog. So fun. You have cute kids. Can't wait to see more.

  2. Ok so I'm a little miffed. I drove all the way down to your "neighboring" town (I had other reasons) and the pumpkin walk was over! BEFORE HALLOWEEN. We walked the bath and saw straw bales. My kids didn't know what they were missing so they didn't care, but I was so bummed. Next year I guess I'll come earlier.
    Oh, and my son was a lion too. Same costume. He wouldn't wear it until he saw the candy connection. :)

  3. Well Ingrid is a girl after my own heart! Giraffes are my favorite too! :) If I could have had my son be a giraffe again this year I would have!

  4. Those pictures crack us up over here! Swedes face is hilarious as cat lady. We are so coming with you next time whether you like it or not!

  5. this looked so fun!!!! love the old cat lady - soooo hilarous and awesome. also what a cool walk thru. i'm esp. digging the angry birds!

  6. Oh my goodness, that pumpkin walk is amazing! How cool! Love your little "crazy cat lady" haha!


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