Jan 6, 2012

instafriday December, you feel like forever ago!

it's Friday! Hallelujah!
I've spent most of this week daydreaming about visiting Hawaii, learning how to pronounce Kealakukua and watching youtube videos.  A week well spent ;)
Since I was WAY too busy this week to take cell phone pics, I'm sharing with you the rest of the pics from December that I was just too busy last month to share. Enjoy!

the last 2 photos are the only decent pics from our anniversary date night.  we went out to dinner and they gave us free dessert to go :)  we spent the night at a local hotel because we got a free stay because we modeled for the hotel (you can see the pics here) (yep, that's us, weird, huh?!) (be sure to scroll down to the jumping on the bed ones, they're FAB!) Happy Friday!
life rearranged


  1. I didn't know you guys were models! Do you model professionally, because the one of you two sitting on the bed looks so natural. Well done!

  2. On the blue, yellow orange picture-Is that gummy candies in nougat or marshmellow? It looks yummy.
    I want the recipe.


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