Jan 19, 2012

On Motherhood

There are a lot of things I don't know about motherhood.  But these things I know for sure.
Motherhood is a commitment.
Motherhood requires patience.
Motherhood requires love.
Motherhood is unselfish.
Motherhood requires sacrifice.
Sacrifices of time.
Sacrifices of money.
Sacrifices of energy.

I don't think there is such thing as a perfect mother.  I am easily frustrated and become impatient a lot quicker than I'd like a lot of times.  One time, in a moment of stress,  I even had a fleeting, selfish thought that I wished I wasn't a mom.  That I could just have some time for myself.  Of course, I cried the rest of that day and vowed to be a better mom.  I held my kids closer, and tried to treat them better because of that thought.

I know I'm not the only one that's had difficulties with being a mom.  But, through my difficulties, I am striving to become stronger, more patient, and kinder.  And, I think the fact that I'm trying to make myself a better mom through it all and not giving up says a lot.

There are some people who give up on motherhood.  Give up on trying.  Give in to selfishness.  Give up on trying to be patient.  And it's sad.  Mothers, your kids NEED you.  I know there are some circumstances that might keep you away from your kids, I think kids are understanding about stuff like that.  Work, divorce, girl's night out, date night, you can't be there ALL the time. 

But, when you CAN be there for your kids and choose NOT to...that's hurtful.

I took a little informal poll from a few little ones I know asking them what makes a good mommy.  They all said similar things.  "tucking me into bed" "making me dinner" "hanging out with us as a family" "packing a lunch for me to take to school"  These all may seem like simple acts of service but, I think for kids these are important because they can't vocalize the way these simple acts of service make them feel.  You tuck them in to bed and they feel all warm and fuzzy and loved.  You provide for them meals each day and you are providing them with feelings of stability and make them feel like you'll always be there for them.

But, what happens when the kids grow up a bit and are teenagers.  They might not want you to tuck them in at night anymore, but they still want to feel loved.  They still need to feel like you will always be there for them.  Mothers, your kids NEED you.

Being a mom can be hard.  Being unselfish is hard. But, if we emulate our Savior, and his example of serving others we will be blessed.

"The Lord has directed, Bring up your children in light and truth. To me, there is no more important human effort. Being a father or a mother is not only a great challenge; it is a divine calling.  Being parents is the greatest trust that has been given to human beings."
-James E. Faust

So, here's to doing our best at being mothers.  Committed, patient, loving, unselfish mothers.  Let's give it our best because ya know they're gonna grow up so effin fast!


  1. This is a beautiful post. I know what you mean by the fact, its hard being a mom. But, at the end of the day, my daughter needs me. She needs me to do all the things that you mentioned in this post. Most of all, she needs to know that I love her no matter what.

    There have been times when I want to have time for myself, but then I always end up missing her when I do take time for myself. She is my world and I can see that your children are your world.

    This is a wonderful post and thank you for sharing your thoughts.



  2. Amen! :) I'm so nothing without Jesus...especially as a mother!

  3. This post really spoke to me. So much so, that I linked back to you in a blog post I just wrote! :)


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