Jan 13, 2012

instafriday pass me the barbie pin

my three year old can't say her R's
when she talks about her cousin's puppy Harlee she it sounds more like "Howie"
train is twain
rabbit is wabbit...actually, she prefers the word bunny.
Yesterday, I was doing her hair and I said "here's your bobby pin."
she said, "that's not a Barbie pin, that's a mom and dad pin!"
yep, to her bobby and Barbie are the same word! haha!
 all ready for school!
 the girls had the opportunity to "help" grandpa stir a 5 gallon bucket of paint...they were shaking and jiggling more than the paint was.
hope your weekend will be fabulous...i'm heading out for a 14 hour drive to help my hubby deliver a painting to a client...bet you're jealous. not.
life rearranged


  1. LOL that is so cute with her R's!! Love it!

    Happy Friday!

  2. My 3 year old has trouble with "r" too. But when she says Barbie it sounds like "Bombie". :) I actually AM jealous of your guaranteed 14 hours of alone time with your hubby!


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