Jan 9, 2012

Music Monday- hey hey what can I say??

I've had this stuck in my head all week...which is funny because this clip is 10 minutes long and says the same phrase over and over...which is exactly how it has played out in my head this whole week, haha!

yeah, that song is played a lot at the place where I workout and yeah, it's hard not to get it stuck in my head!
okay, now I need your help!
I'm getting a playlist together for my (possible) trip to Hawaii and this is what i've got so far:
1. Weezer- Island in the Sun
2. Jimmy Buffet- various songs such as Volcano and Cheeseburgers in Paradise (cause ya know I'm getting as many cheeseburgers as possible in HI...the diet goes out the window as soon as the vacay begins!)
3. Colbie Callait- Brighter Than the Sun 
ok....so, you can see i need your help! I'd like atleast an hour's worth of songs and right now i have about 10 mins!
so, i'm looking for songs that are  
-tolerable for adults and children 
(I'll probably add Hakuna Matata for my Lion King loving daughters but that's about all the disney classics I can handle) 
-fun to sing along with 
-possibly by someone cool?? ;)
-doesn't necessarily need to be island/sunshine related, mostly I'd like it to be FUN!
about Music Mondays
Each Monday I'd like to share with you a song/songs that I enjoy.
It's a way for me to share what music I'm listening to and, if you have a song or artist you're interested in you can share with me, too!
You can join in with me if you'd like, it's quite fun :)

There are two ways to join me:

1.  Add a Music post to your blog and link up.  Please include the Music Monday button (on the right side of the blog) Link up tools are at the bottom of my blog here
2. or, just leave a comment here letting me know what music you've been listening to lately, what is your favorite island/sunshine/happiness song??  I'd totally appreciate your contribution!!

Music Mondays with Sugar Blossom Boutique

1 comment:

  1. I don't know if you have seen 50 First Dates or Just Go With It. But on both movies there is a remake of "Every Breath You Take" by Sting. I'm not sure if both movies have the same version, but they sound very much the same. The version that I found on itunes was by UB40, which is a Hawaiian/reggae band. The song is wonderful. I wish I could listen to it in Hawaii!


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